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St. Aubyn is “Train”ed on Giving

A former Lobo football player and his wife are proud to donate to the upcoming game changer—the New Mexico Mutual Champions Training Center

Jared St. Aubyn was known for his prowess as an offensive lineman. Now both he and his wife Megghan are making another move to push the ball forward for the Lobos—donating $350,000 for the upcoming New Mexico Mutual Champions Training Center, a world-class facility where all UNM sports teams can benefit. “There’s no question so much of who I am is because of playing for The University of New Mexico,” says St. Aubyn, who was teammates with present UNM head football coach Danny Gonzales and played for the Lobos from 1997 to 1999. “I arrived at the school immature and was taught how to be a man, how to be accountable and how to care that much more about others. I owe so much to the University for molding traits in me that have helped significantly in business and so many other parts of my life.”

St. Aubyn, after suffering a career-ending injury during his redshirt sophomore year, didn’t end his team mentality, eventually starting a different kind of team after multiple positions, including as a field engineer for Hensel Phelps Construction. Recognizing the housing crisis could turn around sooner rather than later, Jared and Megghan took the leap to start their own building company in 2009. And build they did. Saint Aubyn Homes would go on to be named the fastest growing private home builder in the country by Builder magazine and had a top 70 national homebuilder ranking when the couple sold controlling interest in the company in 2019. “Looking back, I won’t say that I had an immediate positive attitude after I realized I was done playing football,” St. Aubyn says. “It had been so much of who I was…But I was able to see other opportunities, got positive and saw that there could be an exciting future ahead.”

And football now? That love didn’t end, as he’s long been back in the gameas assistant coach for Palmer Ridge High School in Monument, Colorado, which has won three state titles during the time he’s been there. “I teach the players to rely on each other and to realize when a door closes, a window opens,” he says. “Don’t give up. And give it your best.”

The Joy of Giving

St. Aubyn hopes the gift to help build the estimated 10,000-15,000 square-foot training facility will inspire this generation of Lobo players and other former players to think about how they can give back. “That football program is magical in what it can do for people,” he says. “I hope the center makes the players’ time that much more special. I love The University of New Mexico.”

Stories of ImpactSt. Aubyn is “Train”ed on Giving