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Tom L. Popejoy Society

Founded in 1982, the Tom L. Popejoy Society recognizes philanthropic leaders whose cumulative giving throughout their lifetimes exceeds $50,000. This esteemed group of donors has grown to more than 1,644 members whose philanthropy supports virtually all aspects of The University of New Mexico. As the first native New Mexican to hold the position of president of UNM, Tom L. Popejoy left a far-reaching legacy. Popejoy’s 20 years as president (1948-1968), a time fondly known as the Popejoy era, capped a career that made him a UNM legend. During his tenure, the campus was greatly expanded to include the School of Medicine, KNME-TV, Jonson Gallery, the first Bratton Hall, and The Pit, to name a few, all of which helped shape the UNM footprint today. We are grateful to those who echo President Popejoy’s passion and commitment to the University. Thanks to Tom L. Popejoy Society members, the most significant impact on student success and opportunity, faculty support and research, campus programs, and capital projects and facilities can be achieved. For more information on this prestigious society, please contact Donor Engagement Director Jill Slaby at Jill.Slaby@unmfund.org or (505) 313-7650.

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Tom L. Popejoy Society – Bob Geer and the UNM Cancer Center

Tom L. Popejoy Society – Paul Maestas and Lobo Athletics

Tom L. Popejoy Society – Fifty Years of Contributions

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